Amherst Resident Launches Company Assisting Elders and Their Families

AMHERST — Your Age in Place Plan, a company dedicated to helping people remain in their homes as they age, recently launched in conjunction with National Aging in Place Week, an annual awareness-building campaign aimed at people who wish to age in place.

According to company founder Janet Bunce, “the desire to remain in one’s home has become a more fervent goal than ever, given the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. To be successful at aging in place requires a great deal of planning.”

Bunce has spent the last 15 years providing care management and consulting services to elders and their families. She’s found that, when clients take a proactive approach, they become empowered to live life on their own terms.

In this new venture, she personally guides her clients through a thorough exploratory process via phone or videoconference. The end result is a fully customized and detailed roadmap, unique to each client’s journey of aging in place. The plan articulates what it takes for clients to feel happy, healthy, and safe in their home of choice and informs others of their wishes and how they intend to live their lives.

Bunce is certified as a geriatric care manager and aging life care professional and has a certificate in gerontology. She has a passion for supporting people as they age and an understanding of the many health, financial, and social issues that affect them.

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