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Benchmark Senior Living Named One of ‘Best Workplaces in Aging Services’

WALTHAM — Benchmark Senior Living, a provider of senior living services in the Northeast, was named by FORTUNE magazine and Great Place to Work as one of the 2021 Best Workplaces in Aging Services. This is the fourth straight year that Benchmark has been certified as a Great Place to Work. 

The Best Workplaces in Aging Services award is based on analysis of survey responses from current employees. In that survey, 77% of Benchmark’s employees said it is a great place to work. This number is 18% higher than the average U.S. company. 

“For a company dedicated to creating human connections, it’s paramount that our employees feel valued and supported, as well as comfortable, in our workplace. That means creating a culture in which our employees’ opinions matter, they have a path for professional growth, and — just as important — they feel like they can be themselves in an inclusive environment,” said Tom Grape, founder, chairman and CEO of Benchmark. 

Grape noted that employees’ recent high opinions of the company speak volumes considering the challenges faced by the senior living industry due to COVID-19. A Benchmark employee survey also found that the vast majority of employees felt safe and had the resources they needed during the pandemic.  

The Best Workplaces in Aging Services list is highly competitive. Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, selected the list using rigorous analytics and confidential employee feedback. Companies were only considered if they are a Great Place to Work-Certified™ organization.

Great Place to Work is the only company culture award in America that selects winners based on how fairly employees are treated. Companies are assessed on how well they are creating a great employee experience that cuts across race, gender, age, disability status, or any aspect of who employees are or what their role is.

“We are incredibly proud of The Best Workplaces for Aging Services. They fought bravely and saved countless lives during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Dr. Jacquelyn Kung, CEO of Activated Insights, the partner of Great Place to Work in senior care. “Years of research has shown how great workplaces contribute to lower employee turnover and better quality of life for seniors. These honored workplaces showcase the compassion and stories behind the research. Our biggest congratulations and appreciation go to these awardees.”