Berkshire Health Systems Unveils Community Code of Conduct

PITTSFIELD — Berkshire Health Systems (BHS) has released its Community Code of Conduct, joining health systems across the nation in adopting a commitment to creating safe care environments for all staff, patients, and community members.

“BHS is so proud to be the place that our community turns to in times of need, and we do not take this responsibility lightly. Our Community Code of Conduct is an important step in ensuring our care environments across the county are safe, welcoming places,” said Darlene Rodowicz, BHS President and CEO. “Every individual who walks through BHS’ doors should feel confident that they will receive the attention they deserve without fear of violence or disruptions to care. Our Community Code of Conduct supports the safety of our patients, people, and community — and communicates our strong belief that safety and healing go hand in hand.”

This Community Code of Conduct was created in response to the increasing number of dangerous and volatile situations arising in healthcare settings nationwide. The code enforces the expectation of all people to be respectful and courteous while refraining from behaviors that are not welcome in BHS care environments. BHS is dedicated to the safety and well-being of not only patients, but also employees and frontline staff.

BHS’ Community Code of Conduct is the product of months-long discussions and collaboration that combined the insights and experiences of BHS leaders and employees, community members, partners, and a BHS Community Code of Conduct task force, ensuring that all who interact with the system would be well-represented and understood.

The Community Code of Conduct will be formally adopted on Oct. 2. For more information and to read the complete code, visit