BHN Receives Certification

SPRINGFIELD — In the midst of a merger that brought 80 staff members and more than 300 clients to its system of care, Behavioral Health Network Inc. was recently awarded “certification with distinction” after a survey by the Quality Enhancement Division of the Office of Quality Management for the Mass. Department of Mental Retardation (DMR). 

Survey and certification is the mechanism used by DMR to evaluate the quality of residential, work/day, placement, and respite services provided to individuals with mental retardation. The survey and certification process, which utilizes the tool known as the Quality Enhancement Survey Tool (QUEST), focuses on the evaluation of supports to help individuals reach important outcomes in their lives. The level of certification for a provider is based upon the cumulative ratings of the services and supports reviewed by a DMR Quality Enhancement Division survey team. Behavioral Health Network received the highest level of certification possible from this review.

BHN is a non-profit community mental health agency that has been providing services to children and families in Western Mass. since 1938. BHN programs include traditional, clinical, and outreach therapeutic services; two designated emergency service teams serving Springfield, Holyoke, and Chicopee; consultation and education services; therapeutic and psycho-educational groups; and parent training and support services.