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BMC Awards Inaugural DAISY Award to Susan Alibozek

PITTSFIELD — Cardiac-care nurse Susan Alibozek has achieved a first at Berkshire Medical Center. She was honored with the hospital’s first DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses, a national nursing recognition program that has been adopted by thousands of hospitals to honor individual nurses who have had a tremendous impact on patient care. Based on a nomination received from the granddaughter of a BMC patient, Alibozek had a huge impact on the patient and family.

“My grandmother fell and broke her femur around her hip-joint implant. It was a bad break that required a lengthy surgery. When we got to BMC, the doctors were also concerned about her heart, so she was admitted to the fourth floor. During her stay, communications with the nursing team was wonderful,” said Crystal Van Deusen in her nomination. “Sue Alibozek was the amazing nurse that got stuck listening to me. She took all the time that was needed with me to explain and calm me. She walked me through everything that had happened — all that I was either unaware of or had little knowledge of. She also told me what the next steps were and what options we had. She treated me and, more importantly, my grandmother with dignity, grace, compassion, empathy, and respect.”

Using the acronym PETALS, BMC’s criteria for nominating a nurse for a DAISY Award include passion and compassion, empathy, trust and teamwork, admirable attitudes, love for patient and profession, and selflessness.

“It truly shows how much passion she has for nursing and compassion for her patients,” Van Deusen continued. “She even suggested a few things that I hadn’t thought of, so I know she has a huge heart and has superior knowledge. She was an advocate for Gramma when I wasn’t there, and it made things so much easier; I was able to trust her and her judgment. A thank-you doesn’t seem like it’s enough to say to Sue for her selflessness, compassion, love, and respect.”