FMC Adds New CAD System To Its Mammography Service

GREENFIELD – Franklin Medical Center’s Radiology Department has added a Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system to its mammography service that will assist in early detection of breast cancer. Radiologists began using the new Second Look® CAD system in early February.The CAD system uses a computer to analyze mammograms. Robert Yoon, MD, chairman of the Radiology Department at FMC, explained, “The CAD system allows us to have an additional look for subtle warning signs of breast cancer.”

The system works by digitizing the film from a patient’s mammogram, analyzing this data, and producing a computerized report for view. Any abnormalities are clearly marked by the computer. After reading the mammogram, the radiologist can then use the computer to identify any additional areas of concern.

According to Yoon, “Twenty-three percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer could have had their cancers discovered earlier, by an average of 15 months, with the use of this ‘Second Look’ technology.”

Second Look® CAD systems have been installed at all three Baystate Health System locations: Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield, Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, and Mary Lane Hospital in Ware.

“The earlier we can find and diagnose breast cancer, the more treatment options are available for a patient, and the better the chances are for a good outcome,” said Yoon.

FMC’s Mammography suite is located on the hospital’s ground floor in an area dedicated entirely to women. The suite includes state-of-the-art mammography equipment, a comfortable waiting area, and private dressing rooms — all designed to help ease the stress women often experience when they must undergo a mammography examination.