FootCare by Nurses Offers Services to Older Adults in Lee, Lenox Area

LEE — Despite the recent tragic death of Emily Armstrong, a long-time resident of the Berkshires who was slated to head up the new FootCare by Nurses office in Lee, older adults near Lee and Lenox will still have access to evidence-based footcare in their homes and at the clinic, located at 625 Cape St., Lee. The new clinic is accepting clients by appointment.

“Despite this terrible loss, the team that Emily built will continue to provide exceptional care from specially trained nurses,” said Kate Clayton-Jones, a registered nurse who founded FootCare by Nurses in 2016 in response to an unmet need. She had seen too many preventable wounds and amputations and felt that nurses could provide vital care to elderly feet in the safety and comfort of their home.

FootCare by Nurses is a holistic, evidence-based practice focused on preventing falls and wounds from happening. “The body is connected to feet, and the health of feet impacts the health and wellness of the body,” Clayton-Jones said.

Nurses employed by FootCare by Nurses look at gait and balance, assess a client’s shoes to see how they are fitting, adjust laces, perform a lower-limb assessment, release tension from curled toes and stiff feet, and take care of nails, all to enhance circulation, foot function, and balance. These registered nurses provide evidence-based care to diabetics, patients with cognitive challenges, those with chronic medical conditions, and anyone else seeking foot care.

Foot care as performed by a nurse is regulated by the Massachusetts Board of Nursing. To provide foot care, nurses must have specific training in lower-limb assessment, foot health, foot function, range of motion, and shoe fit and balance. “A holistic approach, teaching about nutrition and health, and supporting overall wellness are what makes foot care by a trained nurse different than foot care provided by a podiatrist or other allied healthcare providers,” Clayton-Jones said.