Give The Gift Of Health

SPRINGFIELD — Why not give the gift of health this holiday season?

Dee Major, wellness program coordinator at Baystate Medical Center, recommends the following healthy gift ideas:

  • gift certificates for a healthy massage
  • snowshoes or ice skates
  • pilates video or gift certificates to a Pilates class
  • gift certificates for ballroom dance lessons
  • ergonomic desk accessories such as mouse pad wrist
  • book of inspirational messages
  • microwavable neck/back hot pack
  • subscription to a health-related magazine
  • massage seat cover
  • homemade cookies, cakes and breads (low fat, of course)
  • gift certificate for a Reiki treatment
  • membership to a health club
  • hand weights, dumbbells, exercise bands
  • a healthy cookbook or healthy dinner coupons (you make the dinner!)
  • exercise mat
  • aerobics, Yoga or Tai Chi videos
  • gift certificates for a Tai Chi or yoga class
  • relaxation tapes, music
  • aromatherapy bath salts, candles, oils, or eye compresses
  • movies passes for a night out and babysitting coupons to go along with it.