Holyoke Health Center Renovation Features Expanded Imaging, Lab Space

HOLYOKE — Holyoke Medical Center (HMC) has announced the opening of newly renovated space at Holyoke Health Center (HHC), located at 230 Maple St., featuring expanded imaging and laboratory space of more than 2,760 square feet. The facility now includes X-ray, screening mammography, ultrasound services, and a lab blood-draw stations The enhancements enable clinicians to access important diagnostic tools to support patient care.

“This investment in our community speaks to our continued efforts to upgrade our facilities and increase healthcare quality in order to improve the patient experience,” said Spiros Hatiras, president and CEO of Holyoke Medical Center and Valley Health Systems Inc. “This project supports our efforts to provide personalized care which is easily accessible and affordable.”

Jay Breines, CEO of Holyoke Health Center, added that “we are committed to developing this space as a continuation of a growing relationship between the Holyoke Medical Center and the Holyoke Health Center that for the past decade has been collaborating on program integration within the HHC location.”

HMC already provides midwifery care services at HHC, and Breines sees this as another step HHC has taken as a ‘patient-centered medical home,’ a federal designation based on a focus on quality and patient access to care.

HMC uses state-of-the-art equipment such as ultrasound machines and digital radiography, and works with medical staff to diagnose a range of medical conditions. HMC screening mammography provides images that can reveal small tumors or cancer spots well before they can be felt in routine breast exams.

The lab blood-draw station is an off-site service center of the HMC Laboratory, a full-service clinical laboratory accredited by the College of American Pathologists, performing more than 1.3 million tests annually in anatomic pathology, clinical chemistry, cytology, hematology, immunology, microbiology, and transfusion medicine. The lab provides routine and emergency testing of blood specimens at the medical center’s main campus.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house of the newly renovated HHC facility will take place on Monday, Oct. 26 at 10 a.m.