JGS Recognizes ‘Ladder’ Climbers

LONGMEADOW — Jewish Geriatric Services (JGS) recognized its second class of eight graduates of the Rona and Mike Chase Clinical Ladder Program at a recent ceremony at the Julian J. Leavitt Family Jewish Nursing Home.
The graduates included Hazel Adams, Michelle Adkins, Donnette Barnett, Donna Campbell, Eve Fraser, Louise McCarthy, Isabelle Morris, and Miriam Rodriquez.
The ladder program, named for its funders, is available to Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in the nursing home. Its purpose is to improve the quality of care for the residents of the nursing home, and it came about as a result of employee surveys indicating that CNAs were looking for greater professional development and career advancement opportunities.

The ladder program is an in-house, rigorous, 40-classroom-hour training program offered to eligible CNAs to advance their clinical and technical skills.

Focus areas include CPR training and certification, advanced skills in comprehensive documentation of treatment, training in rehabilitation activities, enhanced skills in subacute care, and enhanced skills in addressing critical care needs.