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Late-start Classes Are Available at ACC

ENFIELD, Conn. — The spring semester at Asnuntuck Community College (ACC) has begun, but there is still time to register for courses. The college is offering late-start courses that begin in February or March. Accelerated courses beginning Feb. 4 include Principles of Environmental Science, Intro to Nutrition, Public Speaking, Spreadsheet Applications, Children’s Literature, and First Year Experience.

Accelerated courses offered during the second half of the semester, with a start date of March 28, include Gangs and ‘Families,’ Principles of Management, Organizational Behavior, Infant/Toddler Growth and Development, Special Topics: Behavior Guidance, Exceptional Learner, General Psychology 1, and Principles of Sociology.

Late-start courses are accelerated courses that meet for less time but cover the same material as a traditional 15-week semester. Check with an advisor (as-advising@asnuntuck.edu) to make sure courses fulfill your program’s requirements.

Course Descriptions can be found at asnuntuck.edu/courses-programs/course-descriptions. Visit www.asnuntuck.edu for information on course availability and how to apply and register.