Law Firms Listed by Number of Lawyers

Company Number of Lawyers Area of Practice/Discription of services
Bulkley, Richardson and Gelinas, LLP 1500 Main St., Suite 2700 Springfield, MA 01115 ((413) 781-2820; Fax: (413) 785-5060 37 Business and Finance, Ronald P. Weiss; Domestic Relations, Peter Roth; Environmental, Christopher B. Myhrum; Estate Planning and Administration, Martin D. Turpie; Litigation/Employment/ADR, Francis D. Dibble Jr.; Real Estate and Administrative Law, Felicity Hardee; Pro Bono Publico, Christopher B. Myhrum. Special Practice Groups: Employment; Health Care; Schools, Colleges and Universities; Regulatory Agencies; Construction; Finance, Banking, and Bankruptcy; Professional Malpractice; Intellectual Property
Robinson Donovan Madden & Barry PC 1500 Main St. Springfield, MA 01115(413) 732-2301; Fax: (413) 785-4658 30 Business and Commercial Transactions, Business Litigation, Keith A. Minoff; Employment Law, John C. Sikorski; Estate and Business Planning, Jeffrey W. Roberts; Insurance Litigation, Paul S. Weinberg; Litigation, Jeffrey McCormick; Real Estate, James K. Bodurtha; Workers’ Compensation, James H. Tourtelotte
Bacon & Wilson, P.C.33 State St. Springfield, MA 01103(413) 781-0560; Fax: (413) 739-7740 26 General Civil and Business Practice; trial in all courts; Trust and Estate Planning; Elder Law; Product Liability; Personal Injury; Employment Law; Employers’ Rights; Medical Negligence; Mergers and Acquisitions;Banking; Real Estate; Franchise Law; Bankruptcy and Commercial Reorganization; Health Care Law; Probate; Family Law; Immigration Law; OSHA Compliance; Criminal Law; Domestic Relations; andMunicipal Law
Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C.One Monarch Place, Suite 1900Springfield, MA 01144(413) 733-3111; Fax: (413) 734-3910 23 Banking; Commercial Litigation; Corporate; Domestic Relations; Employment Law; Environmental; Estate Planning; Insurance Defense; Intellectual Property (including patent prosecution); Personal Injury; Probate; Real Estate Law; Taxation
Egan, Flanagan and Cohen, P.C.Springfield, MA 01102-9035(413) 737-0260; Fax: (413) 737-0121 15 Civil Litigation; Bankruptcy; Commercial Law; Corporate Law; Criminal Law; Employment and Labor Law; 67 Market St. Estate Planning; Estate Administration; Family and Domestic Law; Health and Hospital Law; Insurance Defense; Litigation; Medical Malpractice; Personal Injury; Real Estate; Workers’ Compensation
Pellegrini, Seeley, Ryan & Blakesley, P.C.1145 Main St. Springfield, MA 01103(413) 785-5300; Fax: (413) 731-0626 13 Workers’ Comp, Personal Injury, Gerard L. Pellegrini, Earlon L. Seeley Jr., Donald W. Blakesley; Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Phyllis P. Ryan; Defense, Paul F. Schneider; Workers Comp, Employment Law, Charles F. Casartello Jr.; Workers’ Comp, Steven D. Rose, Pamela Manson, Lewis Evangelidis;Product Liability, Criminal, Michael J. Chieco; Personal Injury, Patrick J. McHugh; Personal Injury, Criminal, Product Liability, Gerald F. Begley
Lyon, Ferriter & Fitzpatrick, LLPWhitney Place, 14 Bobala RoadHolyoke, MA 01040(413) 536-4000; Fax: (413) 536-3773 12 Commercial Lending; Real Estate Development and Finance; Corporate and Business Law; Estate Planningand Administration; Domestic Relations; Municipal Law; Litigation in all curts; Workers’ Comp; EnvironmentalLaw; Residential Commercial Landlord/Tenant; Labor and Employment; Bankruptcy
Cooley, Shrair, P.C.1380 Main St., 5th Floor Springfield, MA 01103 (413) 781-0750; Fax: (413) 733-3042 11 Banking; Bankruptcy; Commercial; Professional Corporations, Limited Liability Corporations, and Partnerships; Creditors’ Rights; Domestic; Elder Law; Employment Law; Environmental; Estate Planning; General Practice; Labor Relations; Personal Injury; Real Estate; Reorganization; Tax and Business; Mergers and Acquisitions; Non-profit Institutional and Educational Matters; Zoning; Intellectual Property Rights
Green, Miles, Lipton, White & Fitz-Gibbon77 Pleasant St., Northampton, MA 01060(413) 586-8218; Fax: (413) 584-6278 8 General Practice; Civil Litigation in all courts; Medical Malpractice; Business Litigation
LaCroix & Fuller1391 Main St., Suite 500 Springfield, MA 01103(413) 739-2112; Fax: (413) 731-7967 7 Personal Injury; Divorce; Probate; Estate Planning; Civil Litigation; Criminal Law; Real Estate; Bankruptcy;Commercial — Corporate and Finance; Elder Law; Family and Domestic Relations
Holland & Bonzagni, P.C.171 Dwight Road, Longmeadow, MA 01106(413) 567-2076; Fax: (413) 567-2079 4 Intellectual Property, including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Computer Law, Cyber Law, Joint Ventures, Technology Transfers, Licensing and Litigation
Keyes and Donnellan, P.C.1243 Main St.Springfield, MA 01103(413) 781-6540; Fax: (413) 739-3502 4 Business and Corporate Law; Civil Litigation; General Civil Practice; Insurance Law; Medical and Legal Defense; Personal Injury; Corporate and Commercial Real Estate; Wills; Trusts; Estates; Workers’ Comp
Pessolano, Dusel, Murphy &Casartello P.C.115 State St., Springfield, MA 01103(413) 781-4700; Fax: (413) 781-0471 4 Personal Injury; Criminal and Civil Litigation; Employment Law; Workers’ Comp; Social Security Disability; Residential and Commercial Real Estate; Business Law; Estate Planning; Probate and Environmental Law
Nicolai Law Group, P.C.146 Chestnut St., Springfield, MA 01103(413) 272-2000; Fax: (413) 272-2010 3 Business Law; Real Estate; Preventive Law; Estate Law; Construction; Taxation; Trademark and Copyright Law;Mergers and Acquisitions; Employment Law; Intellectual Property; Civil Litigation; Computer Law; AlternativeDispute Resolution
Sheridan & Sheridan, LLP660 Newton St., South Hadley, MA 01075(413) 536-8504; Fax: (413) 536-8523 3 Labor and Employment Law; Workers’ Comp; Employment Discrimination; Education Law

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