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Megan Reed to Direct ServiceNet’s Wellness Program

NORTHAMPTON — ServiceNet announced the appointment of Megan Reed as director of its Wellness Program. Reed brings a rich background of education and experience to this new venture, which will initially be for adults receiving services through ServiceNet’s outpatient clinics.

After completing her undergraduate degree in studio art at Wooster College in Ohio, Reed moved east to Smith College where she earned her master’s degree in exercise science & sports studies in 2009. She had played multiple sports while growing up and scored All-American honors as captain of her college lacrosse team.

“When I first got to Smith, I thought I wanted to be a college lacrosse coach and teach art,” sge said. “But as I got more into the science of it, I realized that I wanted to help people in a different way.”

Reed went on to work as a private trainer for people with a wide range of wellness goals, from college athletes to retirees, including those with chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and other health challenges.

“Through ServiceNet’s Wellness Program,” she noted, “I will be bringing all that experience into play, helping participants identify activities that are pleasing, rewarding, that make them curious to know more, and that inspire them to keep going.”