Mount Tom City Clinic Offers Bilingual Services

HOLYOKE — Mount Tom City Clinic (MTCC), a program of Behavioral Health Network (BHN), is now offering Spanish- and English-language substance abuse treatment specifically designed around the needs of Holyoke’s Latino community. The services are for those who want to stop, or think they want to stop, using addictive drugs or alcohol.

Clients can enroll in individual and group counseling, as well as in specialized programs for those with both mental health and substance-abuse problems. Groups in anger management, early recovery, and relapse prevention have also begun as well. Knowing that drug addiction is often accompanied by health problems, MTCC is partnering with Holyoke Health Center, located across Maple Street, in providing fully integrated drug treatment and medical care.

Building on this partnership, MTCC and Holyoke Health Center will start pharmaceutical treatment for specific substance abuse disorders during 2007. These treatments are designed to directly link participants with both substance abuse treatment and primary medical care. All participants will be assigned a physician who will work with them on their health issues as well as with a substance abuse counselor.

These programs are open to those with MassHealth, Medicare, private insurance, and those who are enrolled in the Uncompensated Care Pool of free care.

Mount Tom City Clinic is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who provide comprehensive, outcome-driven mental health care and substance abuse services. BHN is dedicated to offering high-quality, culturally appropriate care to people of all ages. In conjunction with health care providers, hospitals, social service agencies, and community-based organizations, BHN promotes integrated delivery of services to support improved quality of life for clients and their families.

BHN provides outpatient services in Holyoke at the Mount Tom Center for Mental Health and Recovery, the Oakdale Clinic, and the Mount Tom City Clinic, which houses the Latino Team — bilingual and bicultural therapists who provide outpatient mental health services to Latino children, adolescents, and adults.

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