Neurosurgeons Start New Practice In Berkshires

PITTSFIELD — Citing Berkshire Medical Center’s commitment to providing technologically advanced health care services combined with the need for neurosurgical services and the area’s quality of life, two new neurosurgeons — formerly in practice in Florida — have brought their expertise to the Berkshires.


Allen B. Kantrowitz, M.D., and Todd M. Lasner, M.D. are part of a developing neurosciences program at Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) that also includes neurology, memory disorders, psychiatric care, and advanced neuroradiology services. The additions of Kantrowitz and Lasner restore 24-hour-a-day neurosurgery coverage to BMC, complimenting the recently restored around-the-clock neurology coverage provided by Drs. Ellen Deibert, Alec Kloman, Marina Zaretskaya-Fuchs, and Laurie Knepper.

Kantrowitz and Lasner practice neurosurgery with Robert M. Crowell, M.D., who has provided neurosurgical services in the Berkshires for many years. Their offices are located in the BMC Medical Arts Complex, 777 North St. in Pittsfield, and appointments may be made by calling (413) 395-7694.

“We’re very excited that we have the opportunity to continue this partnership we’ve started in Miami and have now moved to a supportive environment at Berkshire Medical Center,” Lasner said.

Kantrowitz and Lasner formerly practiced as Neurosurgery Associates of Miami Beach. Both have extensive training and experience in the wide array of cranial and spinal surgical services, ranging from the treatment of aneurysms, brain and pituitary tumors, spinal decompression, spinal disc herniation, spinal cord nerve route dysfunction, spinal fusion, and many others.

With a medical degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Kantrowitz has served as an attending neurosurgeon at numerous hospitals, including Montefiore Medical Center and Jacobi Medical Center in Bronx, New York; the Miami Heart Institute; Mt. Sinai Hospital; Aventura Hospital and Medical Center; Miami Children’s Hospital in Florida; and many others.

Lasner has a medical degree from Johns Hopkins University and has served as an attending neurosurgeon at several distinguished hospitals, including Mt. Sinai Medical Center, the Miami Heart Institute, Palm Springs General Hospital, North Shore Medical Center, all in Florida; and many others.

His work has been published in many respected journals, including Neurosurgery Quarterly, the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, and others. He underwent his residency training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and has an undergraduate degree from Duke University.

Kantrowitz and Lasner are members of the American Assoc. of Neurological Surgeons and the American Medical Assoc.

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