Pellegrini, Seeley, Ryan & Blakesley Donates Hand Sanitizer to Local Organizations

SPRINGFIELD — The law firm of Pellegrini, Seeley, Ryan & Blakesley (PSRB) donated thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer to organizations focused on children. The hand sanitizer, originally provided to the firm by Just Because Inc., a food bank serving Massachusetts, was distributed locally by the law firm staff to Boys and Girls Clubs in Springfield, Westfield, Chicopee, and West Springfield along with YMCAs in Springfield and Westfield. The hand-sanitizer bottles are branded with characters from the Walt Disney movie Frozen II.

“Any time we can aid our area youth and the organizations which serve them, we welcome the chance,” said attorney Peter Moran, a partner at PSRB. “Doing something which helps keep kids safe is always what we strive for in our charitable activities.”

Pellegrini, Seeley, Ryan & Blakesley is a law firm of more than 15 lawyers who devote their practice to protecting the rights of injured people.