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PeoplesBank Sets New $2.3 Million Record for 2022 Donations

HOLYOKE — For a second year in a row, PeoplesBank set a new annual record for donations to civic and charitable causes. The bank tallied $2.3 million in donations for 2022, which is $1 million dollars more than last year’s record. Since 2011, the bank has donated well over $13 million to area causes.

“Supporting the community is essentially what we were set up to do,” said Tom Senecal, president and CEO of PeoplesBank. “We are a mutual bank, chartered to serve our customers and the communities they live in. As a mutual bank, we do not have stockholders who would divert profits. Therefore, we are able to significantly support nonprofits and other community causes.”

As a large regional employer whose values include community service, Senecal added, PeoplesBank is able to increase its support to the community and social-service organizations through volunteerism. “We have a lot of talent in our organization, and because of that, we have a significant presence on area nonprofit boards of directors. We also look for opportunities to roll up our sleeves and serve, and we spend thousands of hours each year doing that.”

Kris Allard, vice president of Development and Communications at Square One, noted that “I can’t really point to anything Square One does that doesn’t have PeoplesBank’s stamp on it.”

Likewise, “over 15 years, I can’t think of a way that PeoplesBank has not been there for us,” said Suzanne Parker, executive director of Girls Inc. of the Valley.

Collen Loveless, president and CEO of Revitalize CDC, also underscored the bank’s volunteerism and impact. “PeoplesBank has been a tremendous sponsor over the course of these many years.”

More information on PeoplesBank Corporate Responsibility and how to apply for a donation can be found at bankatpeoples.com/community.