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Pixel Health Launches Nationwide Technology-consulting Effort

HOLYOKE — COVID-19 was a wake-up call for hospitals and medical practices that were caught unprepared to meet the digital needs of patients and clinicians. As we emerge from the pandemic, Pixel Health, a five-company healthcare-consulting ecosystem, has rebranded itself to focus on the human perspective of healthcare technology.

“Healthcare systems are re-examining how to become more digitally relevant to the populations they serve,” Pixel Health CEO Michael Feld said. “Hospitals have a goal of meeting patients where they are (and want to be) to access and receive care. The pandemic has forced us to establish different ways to interact with patients and their families in their homes and businesses — not just in the hospital campus or doctor’s office.”

Pixel Health, formerly GPMF Holdings, has been created to lead that digital transformation with a human touch.

“Patients and clinicians shouldn’t be bound by technology — they should be freed by it,” said former Cisco global healthcare executive Barbara Casey, who is now CEO of Pixel Health’s Nectar Strategic Consulting. “We see Nectar and the rest of our Pixel Health family playing a pivotal role in helping health systems to envision bold digital health strategies, to select and apply the proper technologies, and to integrate them into the fabric of the healthcare-delivery process to the benefit of all involved users and stakeholders.”

While most healthcare-consulting groups specialize in either strategic planning or technical execution, Pixel Health companies do both, bringing together strategic advisory services and human-centered clinical, regulatory, financial, operational, and technical design and support. The company is structured so every client has access to the expertise of the entire organization at no additional expense.

“Our people are doctors and nurses who’ve spent decades on the front lines,” Pixel Health Chief Operating Officer Greg Pellerin said, “so we understand the burdensome requirements of an electronic medical records system that forces clinicians to stare at a computer screen instead of into the eyes of their patients. We’re also educated healthcare consumers and can sympathize with the frustrations of someone simply trying to find the right doctor while navigating the healthcare maze online and in person.”

The company has adopted a new tagline: “Healthcare Technology. Human Perspective.”

Pixel Health companies VertitechIT, baytechIT, Nectar Strategic Consulting, akiro, and Liberty Fox Technologies work with health systems, hospitals, clinics, and medical practices across North America. VertitechIT is the leading certified HIMSS Analytics INFRAM consultant in the world.