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Puffer’s Salon and Day Spa Welcomes Oncology-massage Specialist

WESTFIELD — Puffer’s Salon and Day Spa recently welcomed Jill Otis, a licensed massage therapist who specializes in oncology massage. Otis completed her training in oncology massage therapy with Tracy Walton & Associates in Boston and now offers this specialized service to guests at any stage of their cancer journey.

Compassion and communication are the two crucial aspects of an oncology massage; when coupled with Otis’ expertise, guests are able to experience a significant level of rest and relaxation. Oncology massage has innumerable benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally for all guests, she said.

A consultation is required prior to all oncology-massage visits so Otis meet with the guest regarding their individual diagnosis. The consultation is the most crucial aspect of the massage, as it allows her to tailor the massage to meet the guest’s needs. For more information on oncology massage, contact the spa at (413) 568-9000 or pufferdayspa@gmail.com.

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