STCC Students Use Simulator For ‘Emergency Scenario’

SPRINGFIELD — Students and staff in the Springfield Technical Community College School of Health recently presented a completely unscripted emergency scenario in the trauma unit of the school’s Virtual Hospital.

Using one of the simulators, who for the occasion was designated Scott Willard, a 20-year-old car accident victim suffering from severe chest pain and difficulty breathing, the students responded as they would if the incident was real.

The nurses in the scenario were senior nursing students Mary Dagenais and Bruce Hoffman; the respiratory therapists were senior Respiratory Care students Michelle Rogers and Gabriel Suarez. Director of Clinical Education Patricia Hanrahan played the frantic mother who was reassured and removed from the room, while Director of Health Services Jonathan Miller was the ER physician. Respiratory Care department chair Lee Robinson was the voice of the patient.

Eight health programs use the Virtual Hospital in their education at STCC, an experience that may be unique among two-year public colleges in America.