Trinity Health Of New England Expands COVID-19 Testing Capacity

HARTFORD, Conn. — Trinity Health Of New England announced a significant increase in its COVID-19 testing capacity, which will allow for additional testing availability at Mercy Medical Center, Saint Francis Hospital, Saint Mary’s Hospital, and Johnson Memorial Hospital.

Trinity Health Of New England’s three drive-thru testing sites in Connecticut offer COVID-19 testing to all members of the community, regardless if the individual has been a patient within the hospital system or not, including children.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trinity Health Of New England worked diligently to launch three convenient and safe drive-thru testing sites, utilize the services of both local and national diagnostic laboratories, as well as launch in-house testing at several member hospitals. As an increase in demand for COVID-19 testing is anticipated in both Connecticut and Western Mass., the healthcare system’s expansion of COVID-19 testing capabilities is expected to allow for enough testing capacity to meet that demand.

To date, Trinity Health Of New England has provided COVID-19 testing to more than 21,000 community members served by the regional healthcare system.

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