CDH Adds Therapeutic Massage Program

NORTHAMPTON — Cooley Dickinson Hospital recently announced the addition of a new, exclusive program for its maternity patients: hospital-based therapeutic massage.


Women who have had a baby in the past year or who are planning to give birth at Cooley Dickinson Hospital can benefit from the physical and emotional benefits of massage. In addition to promoting relaxation, research shows that massage reduces blood pressure, edema and musculoskeletal strain and pain.

Benefits are even greater for the maternity patient, said Samantha Searcy, a licensed massage and craniosacral therapist and postpartum doula. “Women, especially in their last trimester, can be extremely anxious about the impending birth. Massage helps to develop their flexibility and body awareness for labor and birth.” Searcy is the lead massage therapist who will be working with postpartum patients.

Once the baby is born, massage helps to stimulate the mother’s circulatory and immune systems. “It’s the strain of new motherhood; you’re sore all over,” Searcy said of a postpartum patient. She said some of her clients are stiff from holding the baby in one position for too long. Individual needs vary but overall massage helps the patient focus on herself and her needs during a very hectic time.

Cooley’s massage therapists are employees of the hospital, are licensed, certified, and have completed advanced coursework in prenatal/postpartum therapeutic massage.

The fee for a one-hour massage is $65. To make an appointment call Bridget Griffin at (413) 582-2084 or E-mail Bridget_Griffin@cooley-dickinson.org. Gift certificates are available.

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