Country Bank Donates $35,000 For Nurses’ Station At Wing Hospital

PALMER — Thanks to a $35,000 donation from Country Bank, a new and improved nurses’ station has been built in the medical-surgical department at Wing Memorial Hospital in Palmer. 

What once lacked spaciousness, updated equipment, and much patient confidentiality now features a more centralized location, almost twice as much space as the old station, four times as many computers (12 rather than three), state-of-the-art medical technology, and a more private and organized environment.

The new unit is located down the hall from the previous station. The former station, which was directly across from the elevators, was not very private and, due to the elevators’ activity, much noisier as well. The new nurses’ station features many enhancements, including an additional room, new telemetry heart monitors, separate partitioned space for doctors and nurses, and state-of-the-art nurse call equipment that allows staff members to locate their associates when a patient need arises without using overhead paging, which is disturbing to the patient.

Wing staff members are pleased with the new station. “We now have more charting space and new computer terminals — that’s a real plus,” said Donna Kapsia, a registered nurse. “Having separate space for doctors is great, too.”

Dr. Bernard Clifford, a gastroenterologist, appreciates the separate areas for the doctors and nurses. “It’s quieter now — you can consult with your peers more easily.”
Country Bank President John MacNeish said the decision to donate the money was an easy one, since supporting the hospital fits into the bank’s philosophy of giving back to the community. “It’s good to be able to give something that’s going to benefit the whole populace,” MacNeish said, adding that libraries and hospitals are places to which his bank donates. “It’s the type of donation we like to make. Hospitals benefit the whole community, not just one segment.”

The decision to distribute the money to Wing Memorial Hospital was made by the Country Bank Board of Trustees. The bank did not designate the money to be used by the hospital for a specific purpose, but instead allowed Wing to make the decision on where it wanted to spend it.

“We thought Wing’s use of the donation was appropriate,” MacNeish said. “The nurses’ station is certainly a high-activity location that deserves state-of-the-art equipment.”