Enrichment Team Recieves Grant

SPRINGFIELD — The Preschool Enrichment Team, Inc. has received a grant from the CJ Foundation For SIDS, the premier funder of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome-related organizations and research in the nation.
The grant will be used to educate child- care providers about SIDS and how to reduce its occurrence in homes and child- care centers in Massachusetts.

The Preschool Enrichment Team, Inc. is a multidisciplinary agency committed to quality child care and the early education of children. This team of professionals helps parents find child care, trains early- care and education providers, provides career counseling to child-care providers who want to attain educational degrees, and coaches child-care centers to become state-accredited.

Additionally, the agency provides health-related education and training to parents and providers of both child care and health care in order to maximize the potential of young people.