Mercy Introduces Gender-specific Knee Replacement Device

SPRINGFIELD — Mercy Medical Center recently introduced gender-specific knee replacement implants for women. The new device features a slightly different shape and smaller design to better accommodate a woman’s anatomy, thereby allowing better function and durability.

“By the time a patient comes in for this type of surgery, they have often suffered with severe knee pain for some time,” said Dr. Leonard Wagner, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has performed a number of surgeries with the new gender-specific implant. “Traditional knee replacement surgery allows us to relieve that pain while restoring function and mobility.

“This specialized implant provides a better fit for female patients, with the added benefit that surgeons are less likely to perform intraoperative adjustments during knee replacement surgery,” he continued. “Clearly, this is a breakthrough for women in need of knee replacement surgery, and the outcomes speak for themselves.”