Mercy Unveils New Technology for Cardiac Treatment

SPRINGFIELD — In January, Mercy Medical Center introduced the use of the ResQPOD, a device that increases circulation and blood flow to vital organs during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The ResQPOD device is now used in Mercy’s Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room, and throughout the hospital.


“Sudden cardiac arrest is also known as sudden cardiac death, and it occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating. Blood flow to the brain and other organs is cut off, and death can occur within minutes,” said Dr. George Karras, medical director of the ICU.

“CPR is the standard treatment, but research shows that it sometimes results in insufficient blood flow, which may be further compromised by human technique. The ResQPOD improves the efficiency of CPR by rapidly doubling circulation by creating a vacuum within the chest cavity during chest compressions.”

The ResQPOD also assists with ventilation efforts by providing a timer that blinks to indicate when to push air into the lungs with a ventilation bag during CPR.

“The ResQPOD has been shown to dramatically increase blood flow and resuscitation rates during standard CPR in numerous clinical studies,” Karras said. “Additionally, recent American Heart Assoc. guidelines have confirmed that increasing circulation throughout CPR is critical to reviving patients and bringing them back to consciousness with intact brain function. We’re very pleased to offer this advance in emergency cardiac care to our patients at Mercy Medical Center.”

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