More Comforts for Moms, Partners at Cooley’s Childbirth Center

NORTHAMPTON — In addition to private rooms and jacuzzi tubs, the Childbirth Center at Cooley Dickinson Hospital now offers maternity patients larger bath towels, nutritious meals for partners, and a special after-dinner snack of cookies and milk.

“We want to enhance and personalize the experiences our patients have at the Childbirth Center,” said Joanna Ward, interim director. “We think these initiatives will help people feel more at home and welcome during their stay with us.”

Ward and Childbirth Center nurses teamed up with Food Services Director Daniel English to offer new comforts that they believe patients and their families will appreciate and enjoy. The improved amenities include bigger, full-size bath towels that replace the hospital economy size with something “a bit more comfortable,” English said.

To encourage family values, partners are invited to spend meal time at the Childbirth Center. Partners can stay for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, and are free to order a variety of nutritious meals that are made to order by teams of executive chefs and food-service workers. “By dining together, couples get a chance to enjoy family time,” Ward said.

In room-service style, after-dinner cookies and milk are delivered. If parents prefer a healthier option, they can select fruit from the Childbirth Center kitchen. Also available from the self-serve kitchen, Ward said, is a selection of beverages such as juice and soda as well as popsicles, ice cream, bagels, soup, and cereal.

“No matter what time of day or night, food is available,” said Ward. “Kosher meals, regular meals, and vegetarian options are also here.”